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Lincoln University Living Heritage Tikaka Tōku Iho

Lyttelton Coastline Revitalisation P3 Intermediate PlanPhilipstown – People, culture and landscape P5 Regional Sketches and ElevationNew Brighton Development Plan P3 Intermediate PlanTelford Field TripNgati Moki TrophyIvey Hall viewed from the Forbes BuildingIvey Hall Library Redevelopment in 1991Ivey Hall and the H20 SculptureCircular Garden and the H₂O SculptureIvey Hall Library Redevelopment in 1992Plant CollectionDiptera R32 Kiekie 7x ventralSchool of Landscape Architecture, Lincoln University2013 Landscape Architecture Field Trip to Kaitorete Spit2013 Landscape Architecture Field Trip to Kaitorete Spit2013 Landscape Architecture Field Trip to Kaitorete SpitVictoria Square: The Heart of the Arts P4 Detailed PlanHornby Development Plan P4 Details Design
Welcome to Lincoln University Living Heritage: Tikaka Tōku Iho, the online history of the people, events, and community since the founding of the organisation. You can browse or search our open archive, or register and share your Lincoln photos and stories, and are invited to assist us to name the people in the images


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School of Landscape Architecture 
2017 Yearbook 
Lincoln University2017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 182017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 172017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 162017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 152017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 142017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 132017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 122017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 112017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 102017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 092017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 082017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 072017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 062017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 052017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 042017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 032017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 022017 SoLA Vertical Studio Day 012017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 132017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 122017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 112017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 102017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 092017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 082017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 072017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 062017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 052017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 042017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 032017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 022017 SoLA Field Tour - Wellington 012016 SoLA Field Tour Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust2016 SoLA Field Tour Tunnel beach2016 SoLA Field Tour track to tunnel beach2016 SoLA Field Tour St Clairs ecology lessons2016 SoLA Field Tour Shag Point Thursday2016 SoLA Field Tour Port buildings2016 SoLA Field Tour PLant ID Herekawa2016 SoLA Field Tour Lunch break in the grass2016 SoLA Field Tour Harbour Cone walks2016 SoLA Field Tour Gathering St Clairs2016 SoLA Field Tour Dunedin 022016 SoLA Field Tour Dunedin 012016 SoLA Field Tour Admiring walls and views Herekawa2016 SoLA Field Tour  Contemplating walls2016 SoLA Field Tour  at the beach2015 SoLA Field Tour - Koukoraurata 112015 SoLA Field Tour - Koukoraurata 102015 SoLA Field Tour - Koukoraurata 09

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