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Living Heritage FAQs




What is Living Heritage

The Lincoln University Living Heritage website is an online history of people associated with Lincoln, events, and the community since the founding of the organisation. It contains a collection of digital artefacts relating to the social, cultural and visual history of the organisation which contribute to the intellectual record and support the teaching mission of the University.

Living Heritage provides an insight into campus life and education in earlier times and includes diverse social and cultural information that we have inherited from past generations of students and staff. You can revisit the many celebrations and notable events recorded over the decades that have marked the progress of individuals and highlight the reputation of the institution, from the formative years to the present. You can also view class photos, groups of staff and students, or portraits of individuals who have attended as scholars or staff of Lincoln University.


Benefits of registering as a member

You can browse, search and view the online heritage open access content without being a member. However, by registering yourself as a member of Lincoln University’s Living Heritage you will have additional access to specific member content which includes certain collections and documents as well being able to engage with and contribute to the website by sharing your Lincoln photos, stories or comments and tagging individuals.


How to register

There are two ways to register. Both methods of registration will open a new webpage where you can enter your name and email address or use one of the social media login options to register.

1. Click ‘Register’ in the top right hand side of the webpage (underlined in red in the image below)


2. Click  ‘Login’, displayed on the left hand panel (displayed within a red box in the image below)

Once you have logged in, please be sure to update your details by clicking ‘Profile’ on the left hand menu.


How to reset your password

If you have forgotten your password and would like to reset it, you can do so by clicking ‘Reset it here’ (red underline) as displayed in the image below. Please note, if you have registered using one of the social media login options you will need to reset your social media password and then login using that.




How to conduct a search

There are two methods to conducting a search on Living Heritage - browsing and faceted searching:

1. Browsing

You can browse through Living Heritage to find what you are looking for. Search the website based on the format.


You can also choose to search through some of the collections by clicking on the collection displayed in the tiles on the homepage, or simply navigate the website using the dropdown menus on the top.


2. Faceted searching

The search functionality on Living Heritage will not only search through the titles but will also search within the documents or metadata itself therefore bringing up anything to do with the keyword you have typed in.

You can conduct a simple search through the homepage using the search box, or narrow down your searches by using the search icon on the left hand menu toolbar, as shown below.


Using the search option in the menu toolbar on the left allows you to conduct a more thorough search by narrowing down information like keywords, dates and formats.

Below is an example of the options available.

How to download an item

Living Heritage provides users the opportunity to download items (documents, images, publications, etc.). You do not have to be logged in to download content that is openly available.

To download, navigate to the item you would like to download and use the download option in the tools menu as shown in the image below.




The image below is a description of each of the tools menu icons.


How to contribute

We'd love you to become a contributor and help us enhance the content, add connections and safeguard Lincoln's distinctive legacy. You can do this by helping us document our history and achievements, tell us your story, submit your recollections, identify and name your classmates, people, places and activities by tagging, and share your knowledge and expertise.

You can also contribute by donating items like artefacts, images, documents, videos, audio, etc. If you would like to retain these items rather than donate them, we can document them by taking photos of any artefacts or scanning images and documents and then return them to you.

To begin contributing click on ‘Contribute' on the left menu toolbar. You will be redirected to another page where you can upload images or publications. Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the important information about contributions displayed at the top of the page.

If you would like to contribute other material you can contact us and we can organise deposit of your material.



How to tag people

If you are looking at an image and would like to tag someone, use the menu option on the left hand side under the heading ‘Image Tags’. First click on ‘Show tags’ to see the tags already in the image. To add a tag simply click ‘Add’ which appears as a small blue icon on the top right of the red box in the image below.



Once you click the blue icon your cursor will now appear as a ‘+’. Click on the image anywhere you would like to add the tag and complete the details required in the pop up that is displayed. You are able to tag other items as well. Choose what you are tagging from the options in the dropdown menu which will then provide more fields to complete based on the format of the item you are looking at.



How to create your own collection

To create your own collection(s) you must be registered as a member and logged into your profile. Once you are logged in, an option will appear in the left menu toolbar named ‘My Collection’.

Click on 'My Collection' to navigate to a page where you can create, name and organise your private collections.



Read the Copyright information and Privacy Policy on Living Heritage.

Contact us if you have any further questions or comments.