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Lincoln University LTL Photography Competition

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2022 LTL Photo Competition Winners:

South of Burns
- On Campus Category Winner, Janet BertramA Hoiho (Yello-eyed penguin) being fabulously silly; Catlins
- Special Mention, Anish ShahCurious KeaRainbow shadow on campus - importance of recognising diversity
- People in their Environment Category Winner, Mike BowieNear and far – Kura Tāwhiti Castle Hill
- Landscape or Weather Category Winner and Special Mention, Julie GillespieHe Awa WhiriaThe close up photo taken under a stereo microscope of an aphid on a cabbage leaf 
- Overall Winner and Macro & Textures Category Winner, Josefina NarcisoNatural Symmetry
-Special Mention, Dean O'ConnellGemma Smith holding a native harvestman taken during SCIE393 fieldtrip at Boyle River
- World of Study/Research in Action Category Winner, Mike BowieA message of hate drowned out by a message of love.
- Special Mention, Caitlin HydeManutahi Beach - TaranakiThe beauty of New Zealand's agriculture and incredible landscapes 
-Wildcard Category Winner, Andrea Smith



Josefina Narciso  Description: Close up photo taken under a stereo microscope of an aphid on a cabbage leaf. 

“I just can’t fault this one.  It’s incredible.”  
 “Excellent range of focus (centred on subject) and light. Soft muted  colour, subtle texture. Excellent framing/composition. An intriguing subject – not your ordinary/stereotypical subject.” 


On campus  
Janet Bertram -“South of Burns”   
“I love brutalist architecture.  I love the bold lines and the interplay between abstract elements in the building contrasted with the path/grasses.”  
 “This is a great shot that feels familiar without appearing stale, the lighting, leading lines, and framing are excellent and it captures a moment in time when Burns was isolated.” 

“This is a real moment in our living heritage that has been well composed, well-crafted and well rendered for all time. From me the path is our choice, which way will we go?”  

Sport and outdoors  
Michael Cockburn – description: Jodi (left riding buddy) and Emma (right riding Indy) enjoying their summer break having a walk down Manutahi Beach, Taranaki.  

Mike Bowie – description: Gemma Smith holding a native harvestman taken during SCIE393 fieldtrip at Boyle River.   

“Interactive action shot.  Good to see a student interacting with nature.”  
It's real. It's a person on camera being themselves smiling and enthusiastic. It's about things we deal in which is nature and the environment and people.”  
“It gives me goosebumps when I look at this photo.” 

Macro & textures  
Josefina Narciso description: The close up photo taken under a stereo microscope of an aphid on a cabbage leaf.  
“There is something really like about this image…. It's not overdone, it's an unusual subject.”  
“For me the technical aspects of this image speak to the idea of Lincoln University being a place where real research and authentic learning and teaching takes place.” 

Landscape or weather  
Julie Gillespie “Near and Far” description: Kura Tāwhiti Castle Hill   
“An excellent shot that makes you feel like you’re right there in the mountains and want to go over the ridge to see what’s next.”  
“Dramatic lighting, good depth of field, subject is local (Canterbury).”  
“It makes me think of the pounamu trails... from the West Coast to this coast? And the many journeys and the many rocks they had to climb with all these pounamu boulders across. I think it it speaks a lot of different narratives.”  
"This image’s themes are fantastic, the big mirroring the small like nature does so often with fractals”.  

Nature Biodiversity  
Mike Bowie description: Curious kea at Arthurs Pass.  
“This image is fun and cheeky,  well-composed and executed. The colours are beautiful”   

People in their environment  
Mike Bowie description: Rainbow shadow on campus - importance of recognising diversity.  

Wildcard (anything else!)  
Andrea Smith description: Photos taken represent the beauty of New Zealand's agriculture and its incredible landscapes.  
“...Soft lighting. Great composition. Classic Canterbury scene.”    
“This is an image that I can explore for a long while, there is so much going on, it is like a composite of other images.” 

Judges Special Mentions:  
Julie Gillespie description: He Awa Whiria – the braided Waikirikiri Selwyn River from above.  
“This is a very special image, well composed and very topical to Lincoln University” 

Cailtlin Hyde description: A message of hate drowned out by a message of love.    
“...does well to capture the human /active side to campus (one of only a few images that wasn’t just picturesque scenes).”  

Dean O’Connell “Natural Symmetry”  
“I love how alien this image feels, it makes you want to keep staring at it, waiting for something to move or grab you.” 

Anish Shah description: “A Hoiho (Yellow-eyed penguin) being fabulously silly”  
“I like the emotion, excellent technical and creative skills, and energy of this shot.”